About Us

Job-Text.com came to market because of it's founder saw a need to improve the method of contacting employees and control his adverting costs. Realizing turnover in the industry is so high he continually sought a means of giving his staff the tools to improve the level of services required of his customers in such a competitive industry.

After consulting with his staff, temporary employees and telecommunications experts he felt if he could develop a program that decreases time consuming database maintenance, maximizes the speed in which communications are delivered to his workforce and costs less than $1 per week he may have the tool needed for his business.

With Job-Text.com now introduced the successes are overwhelming supporting his commitment to now introduce Job-Text.com to the rest of the Staffing Industry. Whether a staffing business already has a Texting program built into its' software or they are using a contracted program Job-Text.com is allowing its users to increase productivity and for the first time in the industry drive down recruiting costs.

Contact us today to find out how easy it is to begin using Job-Text.com and see for yourself the reality of its' benefits. No Contracts and more importantly no cost to you. Your temporary employees will appreciate getting the message fast and affordable that they have an assignment waiting for them. All they have to do is call into their office. As we continue to grow Job-Text.com will furnish in-depth usage and category reports benefiting all of our growing number of subscribers!